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The interior tells you who you are, what you like, what you stand for….  It is important to make a personalized interior in which people feel good to live, to work, to visit or just to stay a while..  A successful project is based on a good dialogue and analysis, before starting the design process.  Every client, project is specific and has his own character, needs and financial budget which contributes to the realisation of a project.

Light, space and durable solutions in design and material are key to the project.  The interaction between light, transparency and colours can influence the interior.

Light is a tool to make space, it supports architecture and interior spaces.  It is important to take light there where it’s needed, sometimes far to the inner spaces of a building.

Borders do not need to coincide with the walls or glass.  Different spaces can flow over one into the other through the way of use of materials.  It could also be used to strengthen the inside-outside relation.

Colours can make an interior stronger, more characterized.  It can be a tool to link objects or to create volumes.

Furniture is not necessarily a piece on its own.  Integrated in the interior, it becomes part of the architecture

Valuable characteristics in existing buildings may have a determinating role in the further development of the project.

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